CBS programming chief defends his turf despite Moonves probe

Published 08-05-2018

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - CBS' entertainment chief fielded a barrage of questions about sexual harassment at CBS Corp. during a session with reporters intended to promote the network's fall TV schedule.

The network's presentation Sunday to the Television Critics Association summer meeting came amid allegations against CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves.

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told reporters Sunday that CBS isn't saying it's perfect and that there's room for improvement in any large company.

Speaking for his division, Kahl described it as a safe and welcoming workplace.

Six women alleged sexual harassment or misconduct by Moonves between the 1980s and late 2000s in an article in The New Yorker magazine.

Moonves acknowledged making advances that may have made women uncomfortable but said he never misused his position to harm or hinder anyone's career.

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