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There really is no better weekend than a girls' weekend, and what better place to hit it than Beverly Hills, California, the home of Hollywood, Hollywood Hills and Beverly Valley. For this reason, West Hollywood / Beverly Hill is the perfect destination for the beautiful lady in your life. There's no good-hit, must-weekend for a girls "weekend, so here's what it really is, why it's such a must-do for you.

Pack your bags and head up to the hills, where the fantastic views and pools are standard. One of the places to visit when in Beverly Hills is Beverly Valley, which covers the entire area of West Hollywood, Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hill, California. This particular place is not technically located in West Los Angeles, but it is a must as it is only a short drive from Hollywood / Beverly Hills and is a great place for a girls weekend, especially for the beautiful lady in your life. It's not technically within Westwood / Beverley Hills, but it's the perfect destination for a girls' weekend getaway.

Don't stay at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, but try to check in to the Culina Hotel for breakfast. You can even get your own limousine for the trip, as it is expressed when you are spending a weekend with your best friend or a group of friends or family members.

Italian hairdressers in Beverly Hills suggest just three restaurants where you can eat Italian food, and Da Pasquale's is the cream of the crop. If you're willing to spend your entire paycheck on a meal, or if you get my drift, there's no better place in the world than the dining room of the Culina Hotel.

Once you've decided to try Beverly Hills, you'll have to find a cheap ticket to get there, because you have to.

Beverly Hills (# 39) is an enclave in Los Angeles County, which is almost completely surrounded by Los Angeles. Beverly Hills is divided into two parts: the actual hills north of Sunset Boulevard, which are fabulously wealthy, and the gradually sloping parts north of it, which are upper class, while the hills south and west of it are merely middle class. The Hollywood Hills are located in the Santa Monica Mountains, but the desert regions north and south of them range from a few hundred feet above sea level to 150 feet.

The 720 express bus runs along Santa Monica Boulevard, connecting Beverly Hills with West Hollywood, Hollywood and Silver Lake. The 704 express bus runs between Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard in the south, while the 705 express bus runs from Hollywood to the north, connecting Beverly Hill with the Hollywood Hills and West Los Angeles and from the Westside to South Hollywood.

Beverly Hills is connected to the rest of Los Angeles by the express 705, the express 720 and the 605 and 704 buses.

It is pretty obvious that Bob Hope Airport is in Burbank, but if you are taking the Ventura Freeway, which is the only way to get to Beverly Hills from the rest of Los Angeles County, you need to take the South Hollywood Way and make sure you are at the gateway to Hollywood. State Route 2 East is bounded by Santa Monica Boulevard and you can take it to the Beverly Hill Boulevard exit to return to Bob Hope Airport, which is inBurbank.

This open-air bus will give you the opportunity to click into the landscape that Beverly Hills and Hollywood are willing to provide. If you like, you can take a walk through this beautiful space, but you can also admire the essence of Beverly Hill from the top of Santa Monica Boulevard, just in front of the Hollywood Hills Hotel.

Check out our guide to day trips to Los Angeles to find plenty of great ideas for fun destinations, and get ready to head to Beverly Hills, California for a day trip to the heart of the city. While visiting one of these attractions, there are a number of other things about Beverly Hill that will certainly pique your interest.

Book a two-hour Segway tour that will take you to one of Beverly Hills "most popular tourist attractions, the Beverly Hill Hotel. During the tour, the main highlights will be the famous Beverly Hilton Hotel with its private pool, but you can also book a day trip to the other side of the city in advance. Once you have reached the top of a steep hill on your way from the hotel through the gate, your guide will introduce you to the history of this region in a short history lesson.

The first thing that catches the eye of a shopaholic is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. When we talk about Beverly Hill, it's a direct question: "What do you have to stop on RODEO Drive? If you're heading to Beverly Hills, what would you say to explore the side streets along Rodeso Drive?

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