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The Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously against a ban on eating in outdoor restaurants hours after the state's worst COVID-19 surge in years. City Councilman Julian A. Gold was similarly incensed, citing the fact that Supervisory Board member Sheila Kuehl voted to uphold the ban. The council's vote came after dozens of Beverly Hills residents vehemently opposed the outdoor dining ban at a public meeting outside City Hall last week.

Curtis Stone is known for hosting a cooking show, and also the owner of Culina, a top eatery named after his grandmother, best known for hosting one of the country's most popular cooking shows. The restaurant's original format was redesigned last year and its menu is better than ever. It focuses on high-quality California produce prepared by Chef Luca Moriconi, who grew up with his wife and two children in a farming family in Lucca, Italy, and prepares his own food. Inspired by specific wine regions around the world, this quarterly menu is a monthly tasting menu built around one ingredient. It is completely aligned around a month of ingredients and shows the chef's ability to deliver a fun and tasty meal that never disappoints.

This rooftop restaurant at Barneys offers superb views of the Hollywood Hills, surpassed only by the fresh dishes of the farmers market. Restaurant Montage Beverly Hills is worth a visit if you want to eat the above aroma bombs in a lush, garden-inspired setting. There is also the option to eat on the same day as the annual Los Angeles farmers market, so there is another reason why the food is so good. Landing at 9575 W. Pico Boulevard Sotto tops our list of the best restaurants in the LA area, and its clientele in Beverly Hill makes it a shooting star - and here it is. Each dish is served with a glass of wine, which is part of what is so great in sotto, and what you can eat.

Hidden in this inviting room with framed artwork hanging from the brick walls, the glass walls offer breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills skyline. Hidden in this welcoming and welcoming space, hidden under the stone walls in a welcoming and beautiful room of framed art that hang from the brick walls.

In a city where outdoor dining is the be-all and end-all, the terrace of this Beverly Hills restaurant stands out, partly shaded by tall trees and surrounded by beautiful countryside and a French limestone fountain. Everything is lit by the warm glow of an outdoor fireplace. In a city where dining at Al Fresco in Los Angeles has been an impossibility for many years, these terraces of Beverly Hill restaurants in the heart of the city stand out for their large shade of trees that partially shade the great tree of life and surround it with a beautiful landscape of French limestone and fountains illuminated by the outdoor fireplaces with warmer glow.

All these details create the perfect backdrop for the food companions to enjoy the recently redesigned menu under the direction of Chef David Codney.

The tasting menu, which ranges from six to eight courses, is perfect for beginners, but you can also order other dishes if you prefer. There is also a full menu, from smoked cheese potato croquettes to the steak house's signature steaks, such as the rib eye steak. Those who like it a little smaller, however, will go for panko - crusted macchiato - and - cheese or brown - butterspaghetti squash. The best thing about this steakhouse is that it cuts every nook and cranny, from creamy creamed spinach and mashed potatoes with a side of bacon and cheese to sweet and sour cream on the side.

Pull up a stool at one of the high tables, request a table on the green terrace and enjoy the view of the people watching you sip. Grow up with the bone - in whole chickens or simply with a charred octopus that you can share, but leave room for Matsuhisa's signature that has spawned copycats all over the city, the miso kimchi yaki (Miso Kibbutz). Eating sushi as there are tons: you can choose the simplest, like the charred octopus you share; or you can enjoy a more complex dish, like the kabocha, a combination of tuna, crab, salmon, shrimp and tuna.

It is the perfect way to round off your meal, but leave room for the famous butter cake, which has a sweet and savoury flavour with a hint of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg and a little salt.

Italian-style seafood is prepared, but regulars often go to Mark's Madison Avenue salad. The menu includes burgers on baked brioche rolls, and there is also a menu of salads topped with garlic aioli greased on bread. Italian cuisine with an Amalfi Coast inspired menu that includes everything from olives - mashed potatoes with olives to crudo with lemon and Tuscan mint. There are also some great salads on the menu such as the Bolognese salad, a blend of fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and basil stacked on a bread with garlic and aioi.

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