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Jeffrey Katzenberg keeps his Beverly Hills compound red - hot by selling it for $1.5 million more than the original price of $2.2 million. I sat down with a broker who works for the brokers in the home of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the richest people in the world. The purchase is the first of its kind in California since Bezos owned a $5 million mansion on the Westside of Los Angeles, breaking California's all-time record.

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Beverly Hills is listed as a median owner at $3,779, the second highest in the Los Angeles County metro area, behind the San Fernando Valley. The region shows the number of people owning a home in the Beverly Hills area and provides an overview of the median price and median household income for the area. Beverly Hill has the highest median price of any city in California and is the largest place larger than Beverly, California. This region offers the lowest home prices in LA County, with a median price of just under $2.5 million for a home, showing that it is larger than any other city outside San Francisco, New York City or San Diego.

Unlike the state of California, it is also 49.3% larger and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds and provides the frequency distribution of home prices in the area. The median property tax of $3,818, which is about 2.6 times higher than Beverly Hills, Calif., accounts for 1% of the total, according to the rental price distribution in the area, also larger than that of any state in California.

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Beverly Hills has one of the highest rates of home ownership in the Los Angeles subway area. Figure 11 shows the number of people owning homes within Beverly Hills metro areas by age group.

The neighborhoods where the houses are for sale in Beverly Hills are more affordable, with homes in the single digits below a million.

Beverly Hills is about 4.0 times the US average of 2,471 in terms of median property taxes paid. Beverly Hills is also about twice as big in terms of rental prices, compared to an average of 1,062 per square foot in Los Angeles County, California.

Beverly Hills has a 14% "no mortgage" rate, roughly 2.5 times the US average of 1.7%. Beverly Hills has a mortgage of 32%, more than double the median mortgage in Los Angeles County, California, and is about 4.0 times the average property tax of 2,471 in California, in terms of median property taxes.

It is also important to note that while Holmby Hills offers amazing villas for sale, it is also responsible for many of the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills, California. Aaron Kirman, the broker who handled the sale, said: 'The $4,001 mortgage is about 4.5 times the median property tax in Los Angeles County. It is the pinnacle of luxury, and it is just outside the Beverly Hills, so it is a pinnacle of luxury and at its peak it has all the trappings of a luxury home in the heart of California, but it turns out to be a "mortgage-free" home with a mortgage rate of 32%, about 2.7% more than the US average.

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